Change-out-the-Chocolate Easter Treats

Change out the chocolate

When it comes to Easter, one thought probably hops into your mind – chocolate. Chocolate bunnies, chocolate eggs and more chocolate.

We all want our children to enjoy Easter as much as possible, but let’s face it, those sugar highs aren’t always so enjoyable for the rest of us! So why not ditch the chocolate and keep things fun and colourful this year with some creative and healthy alternatives. Here are six fun ideas that you can fill your baskets with.

Healthy treats

1. Raw carrot cake bites – These kid-friendly, no bake bliss balls are a great alternative to chocolate. Remind the little ones that the Easter Bunny loves carrots, and encourage them to get their hands dirty when rolling the carrot mix into egg-shape bites! There are plenty of recipes online so have a look around.

2. Bunny-shaped fruit platter – The kids will get a kick out of this one. Carve out watermelon, add some bunny ears out of rockmelon or orange segments, and fill with a range of fresh fruits. Or consider using Easter-themed cookie cutters and create bunny-shaped fruit pieces!

Crafty ideas

3. Easter egg bath bombs – If you have a few plastic eggs lying around, why not use them in this super fun DIY project. Not only will the kids love watching them fizzle in the bath, they’ll make your bathroom smell heavenly. Instructions on how to make them can be found online.

4. DIY Easter hat – Keep the Easter tradition alive by sitting down with your little ones and making Easter bonnets. Grab some paint, ribbons, feathers and glue and make an afternoon of it in the backyard.

Small gifts

5. Surprise Easter basket – Instead of filling a basket with chocolates and sweets, fill it with colouring pencils, books and games that can keep them busy throughout the day!

6. Easter-themed play doh – Whether you get the kids to help you with this one or you do it on your own, they’ll love the novelty of colourful carrot and egg-shaped play doh gifts.

Easter is a great family celebration and there are lots of ways you can enjoy the day without all the chocolate. Encourage your little ones to get creative with crafts and gifts, and to try some healthy – bunny approved – treats.  If you like these ideas or have more of your own, leave a comment below.

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