Setting up the ideal study space

When it comes to homework and studying for exams, every child is different. Some thrive in solitude, while others get more from engaging with parents to work through problems and solutions. But there are definitely some consistent elements that will help all children get more out of their study experience. Here are a few things we think are worth considering...


- The right desk – make sure your child’s desk is the right height for them (perhaps even adjustable so it can grow with them), and that it’s also big enough for them to spread out their papers, books and other work. Having somewhere to store stationery away is useful too.

- A comfy chair – as long as it’s something the child feels comfortable sitting at for up to a couple of hours will be fine. It doesn’t have to be a wiz-bang, lean-back, swivelling executive style fit-out, but it does need to offer good support.

- Lamp and clock – having adequate, direct light ensures your child won’t be straining their eyes when reading and a clock will help them not only know when study time is over but also set time limits for themselves on certain tasks.

- Noticeboard – knowing what’s coming up in the weeks and semesters ahead can be useful to help your child plan and manage time. From swimming carnivals, class timetables, a holiday countdown or motivational quotes, a noticeboard can be really useful.

- Technology freeze – if your child has an ipad, tablet or mobile phone, it could be a good idea to get rid of it during study time… playing games, surfing the internet and messaging friends can be a big distraction.

Of course, these are just some of the things that can help your little student make the most of their study. By talking to friends and looking around online, you’re sure to come up with lots more.


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