My Lunch Club FAQs

Do I have to register?

Yes. To order with My Lunch Club, you will need to register. This helps make sure we can deliver the correct lunch to your little one’s hungry tummy on time, and makes future orders quicker and easier for you.  We can then assign you to the correct school and so you when you order, only the days that we deliver to your school will appear. 


What’s the delivery process?

Once the lunches are packed with ice packs in individual insulated bags, they are labelled and placed inside larger boxes ready for transportation. These boxes are then delivered directly to the schools and placed in the designated pickup area (usually outside the office). Your school will then provide you with more information on where and when your children can collect their lunch. Ask your school office for more detailed information about delivery and collection.


Where does my child pick up their lunch?

Every school is different, and so will have their own preferences for lunch distribution. Some schools will designate a spot for children to pick up their lunches before school, others have included distribution into their morning schedule, while others prefer children to grab their lunch during their first break. Talk to your school about their arrangements.


What happens at the end of the day?

At the end of each school lunch day, your child is welcome to either bring their lunch bag home to you, or just pop their used bag back into the large boxes they were delivered to the school in and we can clean, sanitise and re-use the lunch bags and ice packs again.


How often does the menu change?

The menu changes every term- watch his space for a new and exciting menu that gives you more choice to decide what you (or your little one) wants in their lunch including snacks.


What if my child doesn’t like certain items on the menu?

We understand that some children are clear about their food preferences and might be apprehensive about trying new things. This is a normal part of development, though if children are not continuously offered new foods, the risk of their diet becoming limited is increased, and their willingness to try new things is diminished. That’s why at My Lunch Club, our menu provides families with some variety for children to experience new foods and textures, while still providing some predictability with simple lunch choices. With our build your own menu, you now have more choice too!

Can I swap items in my lunch box for those listed on other days?

My Lunch Club lunches are made fresh every day, and so we are not able to swap items between days. We think though, that once your child gets to try things on our menu, they (and you!) will feel confident in knowing that the lunches we have created appeal to even the fussiest of little people’s tastes.


What happens if I accidently order lunch on a day that you don't deliver to my school?

No problem at all! If you have already purchased lunch, we can move it to a day we deliver to your school. Once we assign you to your school (this can take a few days to finalise) then you will only be able to see your school's delivery day lunches. 


What if my child is sick on the day I have ordered lunch for him?

We can sort that out also! Just send us an email and we can cancel the order and provide your little one with lunch on another day. We just ask that you give us as much notice as you can!


Is all your packaging biodegradable?

We’re getting there! For hygiene reasons, our lunch items use single use packaging, and we use biodegradable and recyclable packaging options when we can. We do make every effort to be environmentally responsible and choose to use re-usable My Lunch Club insulated bags and ice packs.

What if my school is not yet a member of My Lunch Club?

No problem at all! We would be happy to speak with your school directly, so please pass our information on to your principal. We would also encourage you to speak directly with your parents association to see how we can partner with them. Once they’re on board, you’ll then be able to order and have lunches delivered to your school.

We also offer a pick up option at My Lunch Club HQ in West End, which can be ideal if your school is not yet a member. If you’d like to use this option, it can be worth getting together with other interested families to share the pick up!


Where and when is the food made?

My Lunch Club produces lunches at a commercial kitchen in Brisbane called Wandering Cooks. We hold public liability insurance, and have a 4 star Food Business licence. Our lunches are cooked and packed fresh every single day and delivered to your school directly from Wandering Cooks.


What’s your cancellation and refund policy?

If in the unlikely event you are unhappy with our product, we urge you to get in touch with us so we can talk about it. After all, if you’re not happy, we’re not either! Though we do not offer refunds, we do whatever we can to sort out whatever it is you’re unhappy with. We aim to provide the highest quality food and service with each and every order and want our customers to be 100% happy with our products.