We know that kids can sometimes be picky about what they eat. 
But we also want to keep things simple – for you and us. So we offer a range of main lunch options each day for you to choose from, or you can choose our Basic Box to make things even easier for you. 
Each lunchbox will consist of a well-rounded selection of nutritious, nut free vegetarian food, with portion sizes based on the Australian Dietary Guidelines (and gluten free options also available). 

You can be confident that you will have the option to choose:


1 out of 2 daily serves of fruit

1 out of 5 daily serves of vegetables

1 out of 3 daily serves of dairy

2 out of 4 daily serves of GRAINS

1 out of 2 daily serves of PROTEIN


Always Yummy

We mix and match our snack and afternoon tea options each day, and include seasonal fruit and vegetables and whatever other delicious ingredients our local suppliers may have on offer. There is excitement in finding out what choices you have in each daily lunchbox!


as easy as

1, 2, 3

Each lunch will be clearly labelled with children’s name and class, and will come complete in its own 
insulated lunch bag with ice pack. Inside, items will be labelled 1, 2 or 3 to help children identify the order in which 
they may want to eat their food (e.g. 1 being morning tea/snack, 2 being lunch and 3 being afternoon tea).
At this stage, we are unable to accommodate special requests (besides a gluten free option), though we 
think our lunches are pretty yummy, and with the variety of options we offer, there’s something to suit most taste buds! 


Please note that lunches may contain gluten (excluding the gluten free option choice), 
as well as dairy products, soybean, tree nuts, sulphites and seeds.