We’re here to make your life easier, and to give you and your family more quality time together.

Between sports practice, play dates and just trying to get everyone to where they need to
be on time, who’s got the capacity to think about school lunches? We do. 

To help take the pressure off, and to give your family a bit of breathing space from the chaos of everyday life, 
we offer a simple lunch service that delivers great food to your kids at school. It’s healthy, hassle-free, flexible and reliable. 
So you’ll love it and your kids will too. 

Four simple steps

First Step

Parents order online via our website, up until 8pm the night before.

Second Step

We make the lunches fresh each morning in our commercial kitchen.

Third Step

We deliver lunch boxes directly to your school.

Fourth Step

Students collect their individually labelled lunchbox from a designated spot within the school.